All our topographic surveys begin with a discussion to finalise a specification. We can provide a detailed specification or can work to yours. During this process we can discuss the detailed information you require, such as site grid, level of detail, the extent of the project and outputs (or others, should you need them). If necessary we can meet you on site to view potential issues first hand, this way we ensure that your requirements are met and we can decide on the best solution to provide the most cost effective results. We can undertake surveys of all sizes from large scale infrastructure projects for a consulting engineer to a plot of land for a single home.

For most topographic projects we utilise standard survey instrumentation such as total stations and GNSS receivers, but we can also deploy laser scanners (link to section) or drones (link to section) where we know they will provide an increase in reliability and efficiency. 
Whatever method of data capture has been used, the final output will be a plan in digital format. Our plans can include ground levels, contours, the pertinent features on the site, drainage information and more. We can also create cross sections through a site.


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