Skanska VISUALISE consortium snap up ‘Digital Construction’ award at Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2018


Last week, Skanska UK Plc picked up the Constructing Excellence SECBE Award for Digital Construction innovation on behalf of the VISUALISE consortium also consisting of The Carto Group, BRE, 3D Repo and UNIT9.

The judges said, “This project addresses an industry-wide problem of connecting and integrating information from multiple sources. Collaboration with multiple stakeholders has helped to provide engagement and buy-in up and down the supply chain”.

Mark Farmer, Co-Chairman of Constructing Excellence said, “The construction industry needs to change, now more than ever, particularly in light of the physical and commercial catastrophes of Grenfell (June 17) and Carillion (January 18) that continue to hold media attention”.

These were the opening words for the awards evening. The Carto Group have been focusing our expertise on bringing people and organisations together to deliver more reliable, efficient and sustainable construction projects. We are proud of our ethics of ‘GIS for good’ and know that innovation projects, like VISUALISE, can help deliver the government targets for construction by 2025.

VISUALISE is all about using geospatial and Building Information more efficiently, in a joined up manner. Adopting this approach throughout a project lifecycle will bring massive benefits to all involved in major infrastructure projects, but also to the ones that need to maintain our built assets, like highways and the assets that are associated with that and building or facilities management. The value of reliable geospatial data capture, management, querying and visualisation has been overlooked for too long, and we are impressed with our long term client and partner, Skanska’s, approach to change in the industry, they will reap the rewards of this innovation work.

Lastly, a huge thank you to our consortium partners, and of course the people involved within The Carto Group team who are helping deliver this innovation project, but also changing an industry.