LAMP – Effective materials planning in Construction


An Innovate UK grant funded project, LAMP (Live Automated Materials Planning) is an SaaS based software solution designed to provide better efficiency and cost management, increased speed and reduced environmental impact on large construction sites. The LAMP project involves three key partners; The Carto Group a specialist Geospatial consultancy and solutions provider focused on the construction sector, Skanska UK Plc, the fifth largest construction company in the world and BRE (Building Research Establishment, a centre of building science in the United Kingdom).

The UK construction contracting market is worth £61bn pa. 100 companies within it have a turnover of >£60M pa (2013). Significant quantities of materials are utilised (58.5M tonnes sand & gravel, 1.83Bn bricks, 71M square metres concrete products, ONS 2017). Market size means that improvements in construction efficiency will bring significant economic benefits, plus increased opportunity for exports. The trade deficit in construction materials and components continued to widen in 2016, with imports more than double the value of exports (trade deficit; £9,1Bn).

The target market for LAMP is construction project planners and managers, especially those dealing with large materials movement to/from site. LAMP will create productivity improvements and savings in project delivery. It will form part of an overall toolset, providing data-driven intelligence-based insights and enabling project teams to better plan, estimate and manage risks associated with materials, plants and people logistics. Most construction projects have risk pots as part of the bid process, LAMP will enable reductions in these risk pots.

Linking open geospatial with machine learning within the construction sector is innovative and scalable. Access to, and scalability of, intelligent big data from disparate sources is something with which the sector has struggled. LAMP will expose complex, intelligent and information-rich patterns and relationships that are almost impossible to replicate in isolation from siloed spreadsheets/databases.