Carto Group excite crowd with 3D VR visualisation of major economic development across Swindon

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Innovation with 3D geospatial data is the ethos of our company and when Swindon Borough Council (SBC) and Switch On To Swindon (SOTS) came calling with a need to visualise major economic development in an engaging way for a large audience, they knew which local company to approach.

A major part of the event, held at the Nationwide Building Society HQ, was to update business leaders and the public on the latest economic development construction projects across the borough. Swindon has a lot to offer now and in the near future. so it was key that this was communicated in a way that would make the audience sit up and take notice.

After receiving the brief, which had a challenging time frame, The Carto Group (TCG) team quickly got to work on story boarding ideas internally, to then share with our partners. The original brief was to create a film, that would be broadcast on large screens. Although films are good, they have been done before, multiple times over, and this event needed something different, something even more captivating.

Whilst discussing the possibilities, it was agreed that an interactive Virtual Reality (VR) application, that could be demonstrated live on the night and also downloaded by the public at a later date, was the way forward. Susie Kemp, CEO of SBC was to be the narrator whilst Shaun Landy, Game Dev at TCG, flew interactively across the borough visiting each development site that included Architect 3D models and showcase development images.

The beauty of developing the ‘geospatial way’ is that the app is driven by data. This delivers immense value in the creation of apps of this kind and their flexibility. We are using geospatial streaming technology and databases which allows for quick updates and enhancements of the app so it will never be out of date. Completely future proofed and delivers time and cost savings. We are also using already invested in construction data, which show how the journey of information can be used throughout a construction project lifecycle but also by as many stakeholders as possible.

What could you achieve with VR technology?